World Medical School is an organization of physicians, medical providers and students working together to create high quality medical education for the whole world.

World Medical School is a network of medical professionals and students around the world who are striving to improve medical education by working together to create courses and teaching materials that will be free to all members of the community.

World Medical School will become a complete medical school online that makes all of its courses, course outlines and other resources available to medical students and professionals everywhere for free. As a medical school WMS will use technology at its best to accommodate different learning styles. Eventually this school will have physical campuses where students can collaborate and teachers can give more direct attention. The website itself will serve as a community where students and doctors can tutor each other by live chat. Tuition will be very low with the provision that students will help to build the organization and continue to contribute to the effort as medical professionals.

WMS will have a board review program built into the curriculum that will prepare students for the boards throughout their education. This board review program will be a free resource to students around the world. The program will include videos and applications that make learning efficient and enjoyable. It will also include a question bank with thousands of board review style practice questions in a database that is customizable to your specific tests. These review questions as well as all other WMS material will be under constant review by medical students and medical professionals to ensure they are effective for preparation for board exams as well as effective preparation for clinical practice.

In addition to the school and center for continuing education, WMS will, as worlwide network of volunteers create new technologies to improve healthcare. With thousands of volunteers collaborating, new medical apps can be more effective than ever in facilitating quality compassionate care.


We invite students of medicine and other professions at all stages in their career and from all parts of the world to join us in changing medical education for the good of mankind. Fill out the form on the Volunteer page to let us know if you are interested in working on a part of the project that is not listed or if you would like to suggest a new service for us to provide.

Board Style Question Writer

Mohammed Dany is in charge of this project and he will contact you individually.  The goal of this project is to create the world’s largest and most comprehensive board review question bank and then allow everyone free access.  We are currently preparing questions to post.

Please send your step 1 or step 2 style questions with comprehensive explanations to Mohammed at

Curriculum Editor

The job of the curriculum editor is to critique the videos.  If anything is false or unclear or outdated, we should know about it.  To leave a comment, open the video on YouTube and leave a comment below.  If you don’t have a specific clarification, please write one or two questions that will test the comprehension of others who have watched the video.  Those questions will be important for people to gauge whether or not they are grasping the material.  Leave those in the comments section and they will later be transferred to study guides.

Video Presentation Creator

One of the big tasks of creating these videos is creating the presentations.  The big bonus of creating the presentations is that is a great way to study the material.  You can help other people to learn while you get ready for your boards in an effective way.   For step 2 presentations, there is a template Powerpoint presentation that you can download and start plugging in the information.  The Powerpoints should have bullet points that cover the depth of material seen in review books like First Aid for step 2 or Boards and Wards.  Try to minimize the amount of words you use to get the point across.

Visual aids like pictures can go a long way to improving the presentation.  Unfortunately, they usually are illegal to use without permission.  In our presentations we only use pictures and visual aids that have a “Creative Commons” or “Public Domain” license.  A good place to find this kind of image is on Wikipedia.  Almost all images on Wikipedia can be legally reused but you have to give attribution to the original author of the work.  This is not difficult to do, we’ll post a quick tutorial on this later.  In the meantime, let me know if you have questions about it.

All content must be original. Nothing can be copied and pasted.  Please don’t use the exact wording of some other work.

Soon we will have a course overview for you to pick your topics from.  For now, go ahead and pick any major topic that is covered on the boards.  Email the course coordinator with the topic you’d like to cover and he can tell you if someone else is working on it.  For Step 1 topics email Doug at  For Step 2 topics email Max at


We would love to have a wide range of educators teaching these presentations.  We want these videos to be professional quality and easy to understand.  Recording the videos does not require you to buy any software for your videos.  We have used several free screen capture programs but the one that I use now which gives the best quality I’ve found for free is Microsoft expression encoder.  You can download it free at that link.  Adobe Captivate, and Camtasia are some paid programs that we may use in the future.  If you do use Microsoft Expression Encoder, we can send send a file you can open that will set it up with the same parameters I use.  When a video is finished, you can be given you access to the YouTube account so you can upload the video.

As for the audio.  If you don’t have a good sound recording set up, you can buy a USB powered microphone from Blue that gives good sound.  If you have suggestions about how to improve the sound in our recordings please email the Review Director’s listed below

Soon we will have a course overview for you to pick your topics from.  For now, go ahead and pick any major topic that is covered on the boards.  Email the course director with the topic you’d like to cover and he can tell you if someone else is working on it.  For Step 1 topics email Doug at  For Step 2 topics email Max at

Flashcard Question Editor

These flashcards are a compilation of cards flashcard questions donated by users.  They are for the most part well written but need to be double checked. Our editors don’t need to check each question with a verified source but we do need to correct all obvious errors.  The flashcards can be accessed through Google documents.  Everyone on this team has received or will receive an invitation to edit the documents.  The documents are arranged in folders by subject and then separated into 6 blocks with a workbook for each block.  Each workbook has separate sheets for each topic.

  1. When you find a topic you want to edit, rename the sheet with a “-” in front of the title so others know it is being used.
  2. Then put your email in the top left hand corner cell of the sheet so we know who is working on it.
  3. When you have finished editing the sheet, rename it again so it no longer has the – but has a 1 before the name.  That let’s us know that it has been revised and can be published.
  4. Email the flashcard director at when you have finished 2 or 10 sets of questions.

YouTube Channel Manager

This person would be in charge of the YouTube Channel.  This would include ensuring videos are properly organized, ensuring the YouTube page is being promoted.

Social Media Manager

Manage Twitter, Facebook and other accounts providing updates on the project and making social media connections that can further the project. Establish a team of volunteers that ensures we are represented in all the major forums, blogs and other online resources for medical students.

Mobile App Page Editor

Gather and organize a list of mobile apps with reviews and ratings to help us point our students to the most effective mobile resources.

Flashcard Question Project Director
Organize the efforts of volunteers editing and collecting flashcard questions

Web Developer

Marketing Designer

Convention Representative

Design a strategy and organize the efforts of students attending conventions, using those opportunities as a way to encourage students to use the website and encourage people to volunteer.

Team Member Director

This position would be in charge of helping all new volunteers get connected with the teams that they are most interested in working on and managing the lists of volunteers.

Regional Correlation Directors

We need representatives from regions around the world to help to correlate the curriculum to be most applicable to students with different education systems and testing.

This Regional Correlation Director position is still being developed. It sounds like you know some of the differences between the systems in the US and your education system.  I’d encourage you to take on this role along with whatever other project you are interested in.

App Developer

We have several mobile apps that need development.  One of the apps would be a simple question and answer app and others would be database driven.

Career Guidance Director

We would like to develop a whole group of resources aimed at preparing students for residency.   This would include guide materials as well as a blog, forums and other resources.

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